Experienced Guardian Ad Litem

As a Guardian Ad Litem I have extensive experience both in and out of court. I am Licensed Master Clinical Social Worker that has been working as a Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) in Travis, Williamson, and Hayes counties in Texas. As a GAL, I have:

  • Collaborated with various lawyers in and around Austin
  • Traveled to Austin and surrounding counties to work closely with my families and make regular visits with children who are appointed to work with me
  • Attended numerous hearings and written detailed reports
  • Experience giving regular reports to the court, and testifying when necessary
  • Worked with Child Protective Services when child abuse and neglect investigations are needed, or are in progress
  • Experience requesting drug and alcohol testing for parents if substance abuse issues are suspected
  • Found appropriate counseling services when needed for the family members and collaborate with these therapists to monitor all parties’ progress during the investigation
  • Helped coordinate supervised visitation if needed and work closely with professionals offering supervision of families
  • Collaborated with schools and teachers working with the children in my cases, and have made site visits
  • Worked with medical professionals and requested medical records from doctors
  • Met with parties to prepare for mediation and work together on developing a recommended parenting plan for visitation
  • Attended mediations and encourage settlement out of court

Strong Advocacy

  • I believe in helping both parents preserve their relationship with their child if at all possible, and I have done extensive training to assist parents and children towards this goal.
  • As a GAL I provide a voice for the best interest of the child, which is a unique perspective that neither parties’ lawyer can bring to the process.
  • My Job is to be neutral and understand all sides of a child’s case when investigating and making recommendations.
  • I am committed to finding ways to keep children safe and supported throughout the investigation process.
  • In addition to being a licensed clinician I am also a trained educator that can evaluate the educational needs of your child, not only in the immediate future, but in putting together a long term educational plan for your child. I have extensive training in ADHD, Gifted and Talented, and learning issues.

I have a network of therapists I work with who are trained in:

  • New Ways 4 Families techniques that work with high conflict families
  • Individual child therapy specialists
  • Parenting classes
  • Anger management program for domestic abuse cases
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Dialectical Behavior therapists (DBT) who treat high conflict cases


  • Certified Collaborative Divorce mental health professional and a member of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas
  • Trained and certified in mediation and Advanced Family Mediation
  • Certified K-6 teacher in the state of Texas, and I have taught in the classroom at both public and private schools in Austin, and I can advocate for your child if they have special learning needs
  • Trained in New Ways For Families techniques and member of the Austin Steering Committee


I have 25 years of clinical experience working with families and children and I have extensive training in:

  • Family systems theory
  • Substance abuse issues
  • Child abuse and neglect issues
  • Counseling with children and adolescents
  • Domestic Violence training
  • Personality disorders and mental health related issues ( i.e. bi-polar, depression, trauma, anxiety disorders, eating disorders)
  • Attachment theory and Brain Research for children

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