What is a Private Guardian Ad Litem (GAL)?

state_capitolA Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) is a person appointed to represent the best interests of a child. According to Texas Family Code a GAL can be a professional who is appropriately licensed, and whose training relates to the determination of the child’s best interest.

I am a licensed Clinical Social Worker with 25 years’ experience working with families and children. If I am appointed by the court to be the legal guardian of the child it is my role to:

  • Conduct an investigation and advocate for the best interest of the children in divorce and custody cases.
  • Meet with both parents and the child
  • Make home visits to both parents homes
  • Monitor emails and communication between parents
  • Educate parents on Co-Parenting and divorce related issues
  • Speak with numerous collaterals such as; counselors, CPS workers, educators, doctors, caretakers, friends, and relatives of the family.
  • Work with parents and recommend a parenting plan before going to mediation or court.
  • Attend all legal proceedings
  • Report to the court when necessary
  • work collaboratively with both parties’ lawyers to keep them informed about the case and my recommendations
  • Find resources for the family when necessary
  • Monitor Drug and alcohol testing if necessary
  • Help negotiate temporary visitation issues
  • Recommend visitation changes if any psychological, physical, or sexual abuse occurs
  • Monitor any counseling for the children and parents

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