Does Reunification Therapy have to be court ordered?

In many high conflict divorce cases and custody disputes a parent may be unwilling to enter into Reunification Therapy voluntarily. In this kind of a situation Reunification Therapy would require a court order from the family court. The court order should stipulate:


  • The courts expectations of cooperation by both parents
  • The time frame in which the therapy needs to begin
  • Each parent’s financial responsibility towards payment for the therapy
  • The therapist at their discretion would decide the appropriate pace and intensity level of treatment for the child
  • In the event that one parent has been shown to have substance abuse and alcohol issues, allegations of abuse or past domestic violence, all pertinent records and contact with collateral professionals and governing agencies must be made available to the reunification therapist, and all appropriate releases signed.
  • All psychological evaluations and custody evaluations would be made available if relevant

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