How Can a Parent Facilitator/Coordinator Help Me?

Parenting Facilitators help parents by:

  • Assisting  parents in complying with court orders
  • Reducing chronic litigation  (and preserve family resources)
  • Raising parents’ skill level in collaborative planning and decision making for their children
  • Educating parents on co-parenting techniques and issues related to children growing up between two homes.
  • Identifying sources of conflict between parents and implement mediation techniques to deal with specific issues when they arise
  • Facilitating communication between the parents and between parents and others who relate to the children—e.g., grandparents, school personnel, and therapists
  • Applying arbitration procedures in certain defined areas when parents are otherwise unable to resolve a dispute

The Parenting Facilitator may:

  • Reviewing written evaluations and reports
  • Talk with other significant individuals involved with the family (doctors, therapists, school personnel, lawyers, etc.)
  • Meet with the parents jointly
  • Meet with children 
  • Make home visits to both parents homes
  • Make recommendations to the parents for parenting and managing conflict
  • Write status reports to the court as needed and defined in the order
  • Testify in court if necessary, or be contacted by other professionals on the case
  • Be present during hearings

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