Divorce Counseling and Coaching

Why Choose Divorce Coaching / Counseling

Divorce Coaching  is best done with a therapist who is specifically trained to understand the pitfalls and complicated issues related to divorce. I have specific training in divorce related issues and can provide an informed perspective, which can give you the necessary skills to navigate your divorce with the least amount of conflict for you and your family.  In addition, divorce coaching can save you money and time spent with a divorce lawyer.

I have worked with family members through all stages of  divorce and have experience with custody issues, development of parenting plans, as well as mediated, collaborative, and litigated divorces.  I work in the court system as a Guardian Ad Litem, and a court ordered Parent Facilitator. 

What Divorce Coaching/ Counseling Could Involve:

  • Educating you about the 4 different types of divorce in Texas, and discussing which option is best for you
  • Referals to lawyers that have the right style for you (if needed)
  • Assisting  you in finding a Financial Planner to help with understanding financial concerns (if needed)
  • Discuss child related issues such as possession, visitation, future parenting plans (if needed)
  • Counseling around life changes, loss of marriage, affairs by spouse
  • How to manage difficult spouses or high conflict divorces
  • Advising and identifying alienation issues affecting children
  • Teaching communication techniques for managing co-parenting issues both before and after separation and divorce

Why Is Divorce Coaching/Counseling Important During a Divorce?

When a marriage ends, it can be emotionally traumatic for each partner. In order to cope with this difficult mental, physical, and financial process,  divorce counseling can help prevent emotional issues from stalling the divorce process.  Although couples sometimes feel it is an additional financial burden to attend counseling, a knowledgeable and qualified counselor assisting in this process can make the difference between a high conflict, expensive divorce, and a low conflict, mediated divorce.   

If emotional issues are not addressed and go unresolved, lawyers often find their work hindered as a result of on-going conflicts. This can result in money and time wasted over the divorce. If emotional and psychological issues are address in a responsible way then the divorce can:

  • Take less time to complete
  • Save money 
  • Reduce the possibility of high conflict  divorce
  • Move forward with less emotional disruption to all family members
  • Help prevent alienation issues from occurring in the family
  • Insulate children from the harmful affects of a high conflict divorce

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