What happens during Reunification Therapy?

There are many different aspects to Reunification Therapy. We will determine the appropriate treatment plan as the causes and severity of the alienation or estrangement are identified. Normally, treatment progresses as described below.




In most cases, Reunification Therapy begins with an intake assessment in which the therapist meets individually with each member of the family to evaluate and identify the core issues that exist among the parents and children.


After the assessment, therapy begins. There are three different focal points for therapy:
  • Individual Therapy with Child -The reunification therapist works to build a trusting, therapeutic relationship with the children. This may require several sessions as children in the midst of the reunification process may exhibit more frightened and anxious behaviors. Strategies for managing anxiety and healing from trauma may be utilized as well as play and talk therapy.
  • Individual Therapy/Coaching – with each parent is necessary to separate out individual challenges that may be impeding the progress of the reunification, and to build trust and rapport with both parents. The Reunification therapist seeks to understand and support both parents through the process. During sessions both parents will be assisted in understanding ways they may need to act outside of their current beliefs and comfort zones in order to create a therapeutic healing environment for the child.
  • Family Therapy – Family therapy sessions may involve either parent meeting with the children to address unresolved family issues. One parent may be asked to endorse the value of the reunification process, while the other parent may work on building back a positive bond with their child and discussing past unresolved issues. Family work follows more strategic therapy practices and incorporates strategies for managing anxiety and fears.

Individual and family therapy is utilized side by side in manner that is most appropriate for each family. Treatment usually last anywhere from 2 months to a year on average.

 External / Additional Therapy

Often children have been seeing other individual therapists before starting reunification therapy. If this is the case I ask that the therapist be willing to collaborate with me and to work with the child on issues NOT pertaining to the actual reunification treatment, as this may be counterproductive to the process.

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